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Volunteering at GAP can be a huge opportunity to work with some amazing people, to gain new experiences and perspectives in life. Volunteers are the heart of what GAP does and help make a massive impact on the people we support. GAP values each volunteer in bringing their own unique skills and life experience. GAP has a very limited core staff and funding; we cannot do what we do without you! GAP Volunteers gain so much more than anyone could imagine, and give an incredible amount.


Not only are we looking for volunteers to help support children and adults in our clubs and camps, we are always looking for volunteers to help out with fundraising (Bag Packing, Church Gate Collections etc). If you would be interested in helping out with fundraising, please contact us – we’d be so grateful!


Some of our amazing volunteers had the following to say about their time volunteering with GAP:


My experience with Galway Autism Partnership has been beyond words. When I learned I was going abroad, I didn’t quite know what to expect. Would the people be kind? Would I enjoy where I am working? Will I make any new friends? These are all questions that were racing through my head the entirety of my seven-hour flight here. My host supervisors, Aisling and Nicole, were beyond inviting from the moment we stepped inside the doors at GAP. I instantly felt comfortable. The first week we were here, we were working with camps. It was kind of nerve wracking to just jump in, but completely worth it. All summer we have worked with many different camps and incredible, loving children whom I wish I could just put in my suitcase and take home with me. My time in Galway and with GAP has been more than I ever could have asked for and I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to have come here and work with Aisling, Nicole, and all of the incredible GAP kiddos for the last six weeks.
– Marisa DeVito, International Studies Abroad 2018


Throughout my time here at GAP, I have been truly blessed by this place and this community. Seeing children’s faces light up, watching as they grew more into who they are, and the relationships that have been made over these weeks is something that I will always cherish. GAP is an organization that cares deeply for each individual that walks through their doors. It is a place that families can come to for comfort. A place that children find independence and hope. And even a place where I have grown and learned about myself. A place that I love but more importantly an organization that is simply a home.
– Claudia Markley, International Studies Abroad 2018


Tara, a past volunteer, asks the question –  “Are We Different? ” (click on pic) 


Some of our ISA Volunteers have put together some info that would be useful for new volunteers. Click here.


To register your interest in volunteering, please click here and select your membership type as Volunteer (signing up as a volunteer member is free of course!). Once we receive your details, Aisling our Coordinator will be in contact with further information.