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Support Groups

Parent and Carer Support group

GAP recognise that peer support is invaluable and that making connections with families and individuals in similar situations is very important in terms of advice and understanding.

We also understand that parents and carers can feel concerned and confused when their child has been referred for assessment or recently diagnosed. 

GAP hosts a weekly Parent and Carer support group via Zoom every Monday morning from 10am – 11:30am. The group is facilitated by Sinead Taylor, a Child and Adolescent therapist with personal and professional experience of autism. 

This group is completely free to attend, and we welcome new attendees throughout the year.

Call the GAP Office on 091 5888 99 or email to register. 

This project has been funded by: 

  • The Community Mental Health Fund (Healthy Ireland)
  • HSE National Lottery Funding 
  • Galway City Council funding (Cllr 2020)