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Galway Autism Partnership

A community-based Charity providing services & support to autistic people and their families living in Galway city and County. 

Our membership consists of autistic children and adults, parents, family members, teachers, volunteers and those working in partnership with the autistic community.


Current Projects

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What we Offer

Clubs & Camps

At GAP, we run safe and engaging camps and clubs for children ages 3 years and upwards. Clubs and camps are open to children and adults with a diagnosis of autism and also those undergoing or awaiting assessment for autism.
We offer Special Interest Clubs including Fit & Funky and STEM, as well as our social clubs.

Support Group

GAP recognises that peer support is invaluable and that making connections with families and individuals in similar situations is very important in terms of advice and understanding.
Our weekly Parent & Carer Support group meets via Zoom every Monday at 11 am and is facilitated by a Child and Adolescent Therapist.

Phone, email and in-person Support

Have a question? Looking for someone to speak to regarding autism? Call 091 5888 99 or email us. Whether you are a parent of a child awaiting assessment, just diagnosed or an adult who thinks they may be autistic - we are here to help.

Community Events & Family Days

GAP recognises how valuable peer support is for the whole family. We regularly organise fun events which allow the entire family to spend time with others, enjoying each other’s company and make new memories. These family days are a foundation stone for GAP and are always positive and fun events, like our Sensory Santa or Summer Family Fun Days.

Schools Presentation

GAP offers our ''Autism: What is Unique is Wonderful'' School Presentation to Primary and Secondary school students in Galway city and county at no cost.

This presentation is developed to raise awareness and understanding of autism in schools and communities and to promote acceptance of differences.


GAP Membership is now available. Membership is renewed on an Annual basis. 


Membership entitles you and your family to:

  • Access to clubs and camps (including free access to some clubs/camps, where possible)
  • Voting rights at the GAP Annual General Meeting
  • Free access to Parent and Carer support groups
  • Training, information sessions and workshops
  • GAP’s Home / July Provision Tutor list – available ONLY to GAP Members 
  • GAP ID cards for all family members who require support


If you are an autistic individual or have one person in your family requiring support, GAP membership costs just €20 per year. 

If there are two or more people in your family requiring support, GAP membership costs €30.

Please contact the GAP Office on 091 588899 or for more information. 

Volunteer with


GAP activities rely on the involvement of our incredible volunteers, without whom we could not do the work that we do. 

Volunteers are involved in our weekly clubs and groups, our Summer camps and our community events. We also rely on the support of our volunteers for fundraising events and administrative tasks such as social media management, IT support and promotion. 

If you are interested in volunteering, please click the link below to find out more.