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Life at GAP:A Teenage View

In April 2017 nine of Galway Autism Partnership teenage members – Jack, Bryan, Natasha, Sarah, Kira, Sean, Dylan, Nathan & Kiernan -took part in a series of workshops as part of a GAP Film Club.
This film club was made possible by a generous donation by 100 Men Ireland.

The young people involved had full creative control, produced a documentary and a short movie, supported by Garry from GK Media. This film was showcased at a premiere in the Institute for Lifecourse and Society ILAS Centre in NUI, Galway on Friday the 21st of July.

In this video, the young people discuss their personal experience of autism, and have some mini movies included, all their own work. Their first mini movie in this film looks at how being on the autism spectrum can sometimes feel like being an alien on another planet.

These amazing young people are rightly, very proud of their work. Both they and their parents have spoken how producing this film has helped the young people in this film, with their confidence in their own abilities and social interactions.

GAP as a small charity is incredibility proud to be able to have had the opportunity to work with these amazing young people, who make the world and our society richer by their presence. They supported each other so well during the entire process.Each bringing their own unique talents to the project.

It just goes to show how acceptance and support can go a long way to providing opportunities, not just for those being supported, but those working with them to grow and learn from the people they support.